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About us

Polskie Tanie Meble UK
polskie narozniki w uk


Wybierając meble z Naszej firmy otrzymują Państwo wyjątkowy, dobrze wyselekcjonowany towar.
ATP FURNITURE jest firmą rodziną. Swoją przygodę rozpoczynałem razem z żoną. Osobiście dbamy o to by w naszej ofercie znalazły się tylko meble,
które sami chcielibyśmy mieć w domu.

Polskie Meble Uk
to my. Oferujemy Państwu
tanie polskie meble w uk
z szybką dostawą do Twojego domu. Fotele z funkcją spania, polskie wersalki, narożniki, sofy to wszystko znajduje się w naszym sklepie online i stacjonarym.Zapraszamy do zapoznania się zą naszą ofertą.

I have always known that working for someone is not good for me. I couldn’t find myself where I was sitting at the desk from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and I followed the orders of others. I’ve always dreamed of something more and was looking for my way to combine my passion with work. Everything started with the search for furniture that will not only be nice but also functional. So that you can sit down with your friends during the day coffee, and in the evening have a comfortable place to sleep. The sofa bed seemed perfect, it fulfilled both of these functions. Unfortunately when I received it ordered goods, I was very disappointed that for such a high price, I received such a poor quality product. And that’s when I thought that I could do it myself. This is how my first sofa bed was created.

ATP – FURNITURE was created out of passion for furniture. Our many years of experience in the industry allow us to meet the needs of our clients. We’re
a manufacturer of upholstered furniture, in the production of which we use the best quality materials. Our products are made of materials produced in Poland. By choosing furniture from our company, you receive a unique, well-selected product.

ATP FURNITURE is a family business. I started my adventure together with my wife. We personally make sure that our offer includes only furniture, which we would like to have at home ourselves. Thanks to the trust and satisfaction of our customers, the group of our employees grows, and we can create new work places.
We approach each client individually, we help in choosing the product and in its entire journey home. You will find we offer the highest quality furniture at affordable prices. Everything so that you are satisfied!